The quality of a company can be seen in the way it communicates its own business and services to customers.

It is for this precise reason that Officina Ferrari Carlo SpA wanted to issue an updated catalogue of products that is easy to browse and complete with bilingual English and Italian descriptions. The range of services we offer are divided into three catalogues: the Moulds Catalogue, the Accessories Catalogue and the Punches Catalogue.

In the Moulds Catalogue you will find a wide range of technologically advanced and easy-to-use products for the production of high quality tiles of various thicknesses and formats, in addition to punch dies and special pieces.

In the Accessories Catalogue we propose on-centre systems, fundamental for the alignment and centring of the mould during the pressing phase, digital callipers for the measurement of tiles and control units to control the pressure of the punches.

Punches Catalogue we are proud to present our patented self-compensating punch, with extremely high technical reliability, high compensation punches, born from our patent, and isostatic punches for any type of production.