Officina Ferrari Carlo was founded way back in 1921, when ceramics were basically hand-made, with limited mechanical means. Throughout the years, the company has grown and has consolidated its status within the industrial district of Sassuolo.

In the seventies, it became an important reference point in terms of development, when companies were searching for mechanical and technological resources capable of increasing production, reducing costs and enabling expansion into foreign markets. Pressing cycles needed solutions based on new and advanced operating principles.
These were the years during which Sassuolo was becoming a real ‘laboratory’ of new techniques.

During this period, Officina Ferrari Carlo changed ownership. The company became property of Mr. Lauro Silvestrini, who is the current Chairman. Mr. Silvestrini acquired experience in the company itself. He based it on a more modern and dynamic approach, in tune with the development of ceramic industries.

Officina Carlo Ferrari SpA hence became an invaluable groundbreaker for the industries of Sassuolo. Dies are essential components when it comes to in-line production. Their technological evolution has characterised the development of ceramic tiles, from double-firing to porcelain stoneware.

90 years of history…

Describing what happened over the years – especially the decades characterised by the intense and continuous work of Mr. Silvestrini – would take a great deal of time.

The growth of a company depends on the work of many people who express their personality, capabilities and knowledge to create a common, visible and substantial organisation made up of products, experiences, places, co-operation and any other aspect needed to give life to an activity involving different people.

The Italian word ‘Officina’ – meaning ‘workshop’ – comes from the Latin opificium, opus facere, i.e. to do work.
It has preserved its original meaning in Officina Ferrari Carlo SpA: ‘doing’, namely transforming metal into high precision dies, punches, mechanical parts.

We give our customers the certainty of a job well done, since we have given a soul to our company, a company that dates back to 1921, when ceramics were the work of craftsmen.
We have learnt to work with our customers so as to solve their problems; we have learnt how important technical assistance and continuous research and development are.

We offer experience, technology, a professional approach and reliability.
We are trustworthy and efficient.

Our strong point: we put our expertise and organisation at the disposal of all industries in order to reach higher and higher standards of excellence.


Since 2014 the Ferrari Carlo S.p.A. changes look and starts its American dream.
Ferrari Stampi USA was officialy founded in Clarksville, 200 West Dunber Cave rd. 37040, Tennessee.
It was born Ferrari dies USA Inc., based in Clarksville, 200 West Dunber Cave rd. 37040 in the state of Tennessee, with the aim to bring the quality of a bid and an already established service over the years and recognized within the entire Italian area to American market.

“It’s an honor to share with you the achievement of this important milestone. Hearthfelt thanks from me and all the staff of Ferrari Carlo S.p.A.”

The president of Officina Ferrari Carlo S.p.A Lauro Silvestrini


The company’s internationalization project and the increasingly important request for supplies from the Mexican and South American markets led to the birth in 2018 of Ferrari Stampi Mexico S.A. DE C.V., based in Mexico.

This is another very important goal that we have achieved, allowing us to provide customers with constant presence in the area, qualified technical assistance and the product quality that has always distinguished us on the global market.

Ferrari Stampi Mexico